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29 April 2016 @ 07:23 pm
Hi my fellow JE fans!

Instead of selling my JE merchandise, I will give away two calendar merchandise from KAT-TUN and KANJANI8.
All I ask is for the person to shoulder the shipping cost, which will be estimated depending on the location. I will ship out through Registered Mail but shipping method is negotiable. Although, I personally prefer Registered Mail since it is cheaper than FEDEX, DHL, etc. For reference, I live in the Philippines . Payment can be made through Western Union.

Below is a reference picture of the two items I will ship out. Anyway, for those seriously interested with this giveaway please leave a comment and I will email or message back within a few days to talk things through. I have more JE merchandise (even kpop) that I will give away but for now I choose to give out these items first.

KAT-TUN 2008 - 2009 CALENDAR (comes with free bag) CLAIMED!!!
Perfect condition, only the plastic cover is torn.

Perfect condition. Only minor dents on the cardboard container.

Please comment with your name, address, email and the item you prefer. Comments will be screened. Selection will be random.