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18 February 2010 @ 09:40 pm
Someone pointed out in an episode of Cartoon KAT-TUN that Jin called "Kame" during their lie detector skit.
Personally, I believe it. Okay, wait I shall direct thee to the clip first.

It was said that around 0:47 you could hear Jin say "Kame". I 'm wearing headphones so it's much easier to hear the audio and for me it was really Akanishi that said it. It couldn't be Koki or Maru because they were still being seen on camera when it was said. Plus, I think I have watched loads of episodes to be familiar with Jin's voice. I really believe it was Jin who said it. Hmm..how do you explain this...

Okay so what if it was him?
Well, you rarely hear Jin calling Kame as Kame or Kazu these days right? ^^;
05 July 2009 @ 10:41 pm
I just wanted to put the third energy song in my ipod, but then I was tempted to add the rest XD sharing is caring, so here are the three energy songs done by 2PM ^_^ enjoy and...save earth!!

Energy Song 3

Download: MF

Energy Song 2

Download: MF

Energy Song 1

Download: MF
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07 June 2009 @ 06:35 pm
Before I begin writing, watch the video first.Collapse )
Yes, so that's the latest Star King episode with 2PM & Super Junior. These days I seem to be seeing both groups together in this show *raises eyebrows* I hope they're more familiar with each other off cam ^_^ that would be nice.

But I'm not here to be nice. I'm here to be mean and sarcastic about this whole clip. First of all, without the subs available I can only assume and make annoying comments so whatever. Hahaha!

I'm going to be a local fangirl and scream about Hangeng!!! Man~~ he's getting hotter every time I see him. What's up with that? Haha well, yeah he's handsome ever since but I'm not a Hangeng girl. I'm more of a Heechul. Haha Anyway, he's really getting handsome and catching my attention without even lifting a finger.

Taec is a dork around girls. Did you see his reaction when the girl danced close to him?

Boom and those white shorts make my brain laugh so much.

The 2PM + whoever girl dance starts at 2:13. The introduction was cool and I actually thought I'd enjoy it but darn, I was not a tad bit impressed with the girl's moves. I thought she'd be a better dancer and do some b-girling (break dance, girl style) because she guested in Star King and all. 2PM + a girl = some great kickass dance moves. I was disappointed at the girl and not with 2PM. The boys get better and better so I won't really write something mean about them (why would I?). This clip sort of annoyed me to the nth level. Guuhhh~~ or maybe half of my stinking little envious mind is saying that I should be the one showing my moves with 2PM to the whole world via Star King. LMAO! On a side not, I loved Super Junior's expressions while they watch the other group perform. Hahaha~ so cute, esp. Khyuhyun with his open mouth.
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01 June 2009 @ 01:32 pm
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15 May 2009 @ 03:16 pm
The remaining days of my summer is drawing to a close and boy oh boy isn't it the hottest time of the season? Oh yes, add in the hottest group in Korea--2PM--and I'm burnt to a crisp. What am I saying? -_-"

It's official. I've been cooped up in my own 2PM world. I absolutely adore their mad dancing skills and I often think that they should guest in ABDC or some BBoy competition because they got the moves. Hahaha shit seriously stop me from talking gangster. It's not me. I just got infected by 2PM speaking in English and Junho's famous I AM 2PM EPIC FAIL.Collapse )

I love that clip. Junho and his epic fail introduction ^^; he really reminds me of Rain. Three of them know how to speak in English so the group can carry themselves in US. Maaann~ and it's official I like Jaebom & Taecyon. I used to just focus on Jaebom because he's such an adorable leader. I know a lot fangirl over Khun (and yeah I like him too, third best) but Jaebom is wicked when dancing and he actually got the voice too. He's the support vocals for the group, lead dancer, and lead rapper. The guy has TALENT written all over his face! He may not have the cuteness of Khun or the height of Taecyon (I'll get to him later) but BOOOM! He brings out the hot in 2pm. Then there's Taecyon.

I got into 2PM when I accidentally watched Idol Army Show thinking the hosts were still Super Junior H. During that time, I absolutely loved their antics and humor so I came to watch almost every subbed episode. At first I just thought of Taecyon as this tall kid who just stands there smiling and being silly. Chansung's more entertaining than him and he's always bullied by others even maknae. After awhile, I really came to notice that he's not bad of a character. I admit that 2PM's looks aren't my cup of tea. Hello, compare Jaebom to TVXQ's Yunho and I can immediately look away from Jaebom. Hi Yunho! Haha so where was I? Yeah Taec. Then I heard him speak in English and I was like SAY WHAT AGAIN?! He came from Boston and I thought it was only Jaebom and Khun who were outsider. That was a shock. Then I noticed him more with his baaaaddd solo performance, stupid hiding place antic, and aegyo at the camera attemps during various episodes of Idol Army and I told myself he's not that bad. He actually has the it factor. Hahaha! Come to think of it, he reminds me of Yunho. In Idol Show, he dresses really preppy just like how Yunho usually wears the tuxedo in full get-up. Plus the dork, height, hair cut....THIS IS A CONSPIRACY! (*coughJaebomcough*) I saw in one comment that Taec & Chansung were totally different from tv and internet because they were much hotter in person. Wow how lucky was that girl?

Anyway, I still have a lot to learn about them. I can't say they're good in singing but as performers they're damn good in dancing. As I always say to myself, I cannot like a group by their mere looks I need to listen to their songs and watch their performances too. I guess 2PM meets the cut. I like the group. I like the dynamism in the members. I like their carefree attitude. Though sometimes they're overacting already DX but that's them. Boys will be boys. Hahaha omg I actually wrote something as long as this for 2PM? Somebody give me a cookie!

As much as I remain faithful to TVXQ for their raw talent, their group can't bring out a genuine bad ass image from 2PM or Big Bang. Maybe because they debuted earlier and the tides have changed already. Well that's it for now, talk about blabbering when I only wanted to share 2PM's epic English clip.
12 May 2009 @ 01:49 pm

This is, so far, the leaked version of Super Junior's new MV. Although some say this is not yet the final version but either way this looks as complete to me as it can be. Haha. I like the mellow song. It's bordering pop and ballad which really tickles my ear drums. I wonder if Perez Hilton will post this on his site though. The overall impact of the music video is good. SJ really has a new flair to their image. It's more sophisticated. The dance is still the same, similar to Sorry Sorry but more smooth. I really think that the member who improved the most is Yesung and the member who downgraded is Kibum. I'm happy that we get to see more air time of Kibum's adorable face but wow can't you see the huge difference? I don't know what's up with SM and the whole Kibum thing but I have a 80% feeling that Kibum prefers to do solo jobs and act than promote with SJ. *gets bricked*

I won't get surprised when that day comes.
10 May 2009 @ 05:37 pm
It's official. I am publicly proclaiming my love for Mr. Hugh Jackman. I am absolutely smitten by him ever since I first saw him on screen. How can you not love this man? And no, I am not shamelessly plugging Wolverine because I am sure majority have seen the movie. I admire his flexibility as an actor and his down to earth character. I hope for his continued success :) And blablabla~~

2pm scores major points for me. I think they should join ABDC, but they're from Korea so DX sucks. haha but I'm glad they have a flair unlike other boy groups. Ya know, acrobatics. Although I still favor TVXQ as the #1 idol for me, because they really have talent. Haha well... not like 2pm and other groups don't have but blabla!! Deal with my PMS for now!