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01 January 2012 @ 04:43 pm
JE jimusho  
Highly opinion-based post. Be warned.

First of the annual JE countdown.
Meh...what happened, it's like their is this huge barrier existing between the sempais and kouhais. As always hahahaha. Don't get me wrong, for the sake of JE's evolution and survival, I wish each group to succeed but right now I don't even follow them anymore.

I'm glad Kanjani8 was at Kyocera. However, it's like everyone left Tokyo dome for other activities as well. Jin, SMAP, Yamapi were at CDTV while Arashi was at NHK. Takki was somewhere else etc etc.

Let's go to a bigger picture. I think that the entire group set-up is falling apart. Maybe because I was used to the previous set up that I wished things were the same, but in a way I'm glad that some groups and members grew up and decided for their own. I had this feeling already when NEWS debuted and left an impression that Ryo was a black sheep. It's not that I don't like NEWS nor KAT-TUN but somehow a member from their group (yes, you know already who they are) was what kept me from staying with the group. 

I find it amusing how the groups I have supported since then are the ones doing good with their careers :) Take for example Arashi and Kanjani8, they were the original juniors who trained together and I'm glad that they're keeping their relations and group together unlike KAT-TUN and NEWS who apparently lost members. I believe that because they sort of grew up together they not only treat each other as co-members but as friends who work as a group. I'm sorry to compare but even way before they debut KAT-TUN was known to dislike each other and tend to have these "superiority complex" among each other. While NEWS was haphazardly formed for a promotion, so members did not even know each other well. Well, maybe some do...

As for the groups I like, I cannot help but be proud! Yes, I am a Kanjani8 and Arashi bias (as well as sempai bias) because let's face it, they're the ones who have shown they're capable of being idols beyond expectations. I'm super glad Jin and Yamapi went solo! Heck I want to like holler at the KAT-TUN and NEWS fans, they saw it coming...and I don't feel remorse hahaha. Well in actuality after watching JE countdown this year I sort of felt sorry when NEWS performed...

I used to be this general JE fan from SMAP to Kanjani8 (I forgot the succeeding juniors already) but now I just go my way